Listening To Digital Music

Listening To Digital Music

The key to achieving the best sound from our cell phones or mobile devices is to maximize how the music landed on our computers to begin with. If you are putting your legacy CD collection on your computer, be sure to set up iTunes to rip in Apple Lossless. This will capture much more of the music on those discs than the default setting of 128kbs. Setting your computer to rip in lossless is as simple as clicking on the advanced tab in the preferences menu. Lossless will take up more space on your hard drive, but the difference in sound quality is well worth it.

Digitally stored music is the future of music as we know it. The first step is obviously just a good stereo system, but whatever method you decide on, enjoy the music, and be sure to have a good back-up system in place for all of your music files and more.

Can you remember what songs you
and your friends were listening to in high school?

Can you remember what song was playing when you got married or had your first child? We all can! Just like photographs, we mark special moments in our life by the music of the times or the songs we liked. Why is all of this important? The answer is simple: Dedicating the space and budget necessary to create a high-quality two-channel experience in your home is an investment that will give you years of enjoyment.

We suggest finding speakers that perform to your taste and are right for your room. The speakers are arguably the most critical element in a stereo and since each person hears differently, it is a good idea to start by finding speakers that you love. Here's a tip: Speakers that sound good with music will also sound good with theater, but the opposite is rarely true. Theater speakers can deliver the dynamics and impact of music, but often fall short when it comes to warmth and finesse. Additionally, the cabinet plays a very important role in the loudspeakers' ability to faithfully recreate sound. It is for this reason that most really good two-channel stereos do not incorporate in-walltype loudspeakers. One last important note: Just as the cabinet has a significant impact on the sound of the speaker, so does the room influence how that speaker will sound. If there is a lot of glass in the room, you probably want to temper your desire for metal dome tweeters, as the resulting sound could potentially be "bright and shrilly-sounding.

  • The next step is to choose the right amplification. This will usually be in the form of an integrated amp or a separate power amp and pre-amp combination. You will need to consider several strategic factors: Will it match well sonically with my loudspeaker? Does it have the power and speed to adequately drive my loudspeakers? Does it image (recreate the position of the instruments on the stage) well enough for the speakers to mentally disappear. Tube amplifiers are growing again as a category, because they tend to provide a certain emotional connection that is not generally associated with solid state designs. Try to incorporate separate components
  • The third step will be to determine what sources of music you and your family will be listening to. You may have CDs, records, XM, or streaming services, digital media and more. There are affordable and high-performance choices available for all these formats. Maybe you remember records? Turntable sales were up 37 percent and have been growing since 2009. Record sales have quadrupled and number in the millions. And why are they coming back? Because music experts believe they sound better.

There are even more things to be considered, such as the cables and interconnects you will need, stands for the speakers (if necessary), furniture to house the electronics, and possibly even room treatments or control technology. With the advent of digital media players such as Sonos, Heos (by Denon) accessing your music has never been easier. No more buying a CD for your favorite song. No more Getting off the couch to load one CD into your stereo. Simply access your phone or mobile device to listen to all Of your favorite music. The really fabulous news is, once you have ventured down this road, you will feel like a kid again! You will want to listen to YOUR music again and you may even want to buy some new music again! Stereo/two-channel audio systems are infectious and will impact how you spend your time at home.