So You Think You Can Go Wireless?

Remember when you were young and you wanted to listen to your favorite radio station? The first time you turned on the stereo you heard a lot of noise, but almost no radio! Right? What did you connect to the radio to make the station come in clearer? An Antenna!
Interesting facts:
  • Wireless signals require some form of antenna to send and receive.
  • The wires in your walls act as antennas for Radio Frequency and Electromagnetics.
  • Wireless Access Points or WAPS are like Antennas that extend the wirelss signal for your network.
  • The system your ISP (Internet Service Provider) offers is barely adequate enough to handle the amount of bandwidth they utilize.
  • Did you know that video downloads eat up ten times the bandwidth of a song download?
  • The average household in America has more than 13 connected devices!
The key to implementing virtually any technology in today's home is a reliable ESD Technologies infrastructure and home network.