Smart Home Technology

Smart Home Technology

Smart Home Technology refers to a category of products, services and control systems that unite the countless devices in your home on a common functional platform

Imagine moving into your new home and you decide on a doorbell camera. Next you decide you want a front door lock. Then there is a light switch that you would like to change to a dimmer, or maybe a garage door gateway. How about Spotify music or your security system?

The point is as you continue to acquire devices that live on a network or work with Wi Fi; each made by different manufacturers and with the advent of IOT (internet of things) That number is increasing exponentially! How will you control them? With 20 pages of apps? Really? The benefit of uniting these products, services and technologies under a single platform is beyond description!

Remember if it isn't easy to use you won't use it!

And if your family can't use it, why even have it?

Enter ESD Technologies. We can help build the right ecosystem, one piece at a time, at a price you can afford! Just ask our builders and the hundreds of clients we help every year. From wiring their homes with a strong infrastructure to providing the Smart Home Technology Backbone that their homebuyers can build on!

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