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Are you interested in a new TV? Are you ready to upgrade your home’s sound system? Do you wish you had more technology incorporated into your home? ESD Technologies, LLC offers lifestyle technology consulting to go over all your available options.

While you can do plenty of research online about “the best” in televisions and audio systems, it’s important to make sure that whatever you buy will meet your needs. A personal technologist is standing by to help when:

  • You have a technology problem that needs solving
  • You want to replace a device with something more advanced
  • You need to upgrade your home’s audio, video or security systems

We’re well-versed in every aspect of modern technology. Call 214-882-4012 today to get help choosing the right technology for your home.

We are passionate about enjoying life, not just living it!
From the music you enjoy, to the movies and TV you watch, to the security and comfort of your family and belongings; we are committed to custom solutions that fit you!

Schedule a consultation to learn more about modern technology

Schedule a consultation to learn more about modern technology

Isn't it about time technology worked for you? We’re the ones to call when you’re worried about making a bad technology decision. And more important, help you before you make them! We'll walk you through the available options.

Contact ESD Technologies today to speak with someone about your television and audio upgrades.

MultiRoom Audio

MultiRoom Audio

Remember when you listened to music?

Remember the songs that were playing when you had your first kiss? Your first car? Your first child?

We are passionate about music and great sound! It is how we got started in this business and we know that we mark our journey with the songs we loved, that take us back to that special time in our lives.

Let ESD Technologies show you all the options available for reconnecting with your memories through music around your home and how incredibly affordable and easy to use it has become!